How to Create a Stop and Stare Instagram Feed

Consider Instagram your brand’s visual storytelling engine.

Your feed

Your feed is your permanent collection that not only sells the story of your products or services, but it also celebrates your verve and vibe. People spend up to ten hours a week on the app in hopes of fueling their inspiration or simply seeking a visual escape — a reprieve from the stresses of the everyday.

As a result, you have the opportunity to be the architect of your story by creating a stop-and-stare Instagram feed.

There’s a science to growing your brand, followers, and engagement on Instagram, and the tactics you use should be purposeful and deliberate. You don’t want to post something for the sake of posting. People should know that every time they look at your feed, they immediately recognize your brand and aesthetic. Instagram is about aspiration, inspiration, storytelling, artistry, and cohesion. It’s not about posting random photos/day in hopes of driving followers.

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Fan count doesn’t score you brownie points or earn you loyal customers. Fans and engagement can be purchased for pennies on the dollar. Loyalty in social media is about communicating with your customers and giving them a reason to stick around. It’s about proving your value by giving them access to ideas, tips, inspiration, deals, entertainment, education, and more. How you serve them is more important than selling to them.

I’m sharing 8 simple hacks (and bonuses and resources!) that will tell your brand story, capture and captivate followers with jaw-dropping content, and get them flocking to you.

Every brand has its own story waiting to be told. From lifting the veil on product design and manufacturing to the dreamy experience your customers feel when they become part of your tribe, you have a whole range of tales to tell and the tales should be unique to your business, vibe, and proposition. Your stories should feel like a genuine reflection of your brand and center on how customers think, feel, and act when they engage with your products or services.

From influencer-created content to sourced images from consumers, you can review the images to ensure they’re up to snuff and post with attribution. You can also offer a standing invitation for your fans and followers to share their experiences with your products on the ‘gram for special offers, discounts, and prizes.