The Super Simple Beginner’s Guide to Launching An Influencer Campaign

Influencers, or people “just like me”, play a pivotal role in purchase decisions. While some pop culture celebs hold cache (e.g. Kylie Jenner’s lip kits), gone are the days when celebs in advertisements influenced culture and trends.

Culture and Trends

Now, whether we like it or not, it’s all about the online influencer and marketers agree, 72% have budgeted six-figure line items for campaigns. Why pursue an influencer marketing strategy? Leveraging an influencer’s audience creates and increases visibility, it provides third-party validation and social proof of your products and brand promise. In other words, they can potentially get customers to your brand faster than you can. Some powerful stats:

  • Social media influencers have nearly as much clout as a friend or peer. Consumers are more likely to purchase products after having seen an influencer showcase the product (via a demonstration, tutorial) on Instagram, YouTube, Vine, or Twitter (source)
  • 59% of consumers said that the authenticity of a brand’s content influences them to follow the brand.
  • 3% of people drive 90% of impact online.
  • 72% influencers will share more branded content after your campaign ends if they love your product/service.
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Influencer marketing is complicated and nuanced. I’ve been working with influencers since 2006 and no two campaigns have ever been alike. The most successful campaigns are bespoke in concept and design, however, there is value in learning the fundamentals — i.e. setting a foundation for brainstorming a strategy that drives meaningful brand and business results.

Consider this article your beginner’s guide (or general overview) to understanding influencer marketing campaign basics.

At the end of the day, influencers can serve as the bridge between you and your customers. Done effectively and authentically with complete brand transparency, partnerships can be an incredible way to cultivate relationships with key voices in your community.